Hiring DATAtoDESIGN was one of
the best investments we've ever
made. When we implemented a
new database system, we needed
help to turn raw data into something
organized and well designed. Not
only did DATAtoDESIGN deliver on its
promise to provide "creative solutions
for speedy publishing," it exceeded
our expectations. Thank you!

- Sally Gill, Ph.D.
Public Information Specialist
Santa Barbara City College

Creative Solutions for Efficient Publishing

Data to Design

Harness your database.

We can show you how.

DATAtoDESIGN offers creative/technical support and staff training
for streamlining the production of print promotions.

Get your data on the page. FAST.

By using software that enables you to automate the formatting of
your database content as it is imported into a layout, a catalog can
be built very quickly. This saves both the program staff and your
catalog designer a lot of time. Using these solutions can shorten
the catalog production cycle by days and in many cases, by weeks.

DATAtoDESIGN: Save Time. Cut Cost. Increase Profit.