You did it! It looks GREAT! Thanks
much for all of your hard work.

- Linda Haskins
Director of Noncredit Programming
Indiana University Southeast

Creative Solutions for Efficient Publishing

Data to Design

DATAtoDESIGN solutions provide several benefits:

1) SAVE TIME. Courses are built into your database and that same content is
used in the preparation of your print materials. Redundancy is eliminated since
course data is created only once. There is no need to recreate course
information for your catalog designer. This saves program staff many hours.

2) IMPROVE ACCURACY. Since course information is not retyped, fewer mistakes
are made. When corrections are needed they are made in the database so that
the currency and accuracy of source content is maintained.

3) STREAMLINE PRODUCTION. Software is available that can organize and
format your course data as it is imported into the catalog layout. Automating the
tedious task of text formatting saves your catalog designer many hours.

4) INCREASE MARKETING. Shortened production cycles may also allow your
program to increase promotion by publishing more frequently.

5) LOWER COST. Faster production cycles reduce labor time and cost. Improving
the design of course descriptions can save space, reduce page count, and lower
printing costs.

6) ENHANCE APPEARANCE. Expert suggestions on the styling and structure
of course data and page design improve readability of content for your students.
A clean and attractive design enhances promotion and increases enrollment.

DATAtoDESIGN: Save Time. Cut Cost. Increase Profit.