Thank you for your time and for
sharing your wealth of information.
You are a life saver. And thanks
again for your magic and wizardry!

- Marc Antosch
Graphic Designer
University of Hawaii

Creative Solutions for Efficient Publishing

Data to Design

DATAtoDESIGN offers:

CONSULTING / to help you implement useful software solutions

PROCESS DEVELOPMENT / to create a streamlined production cycle

CUSTOM TEMPLATE DESIGN / to automate the formatting for your
unique course information configuration

STAFF TRAINING / to help staff implement a new, efficient process;
written reference guidelines provided upon request

CATALOG DESIGN & PRODUCTION / available on an ongoing basis

Note: These services are offered at an hourly rate and can also be quoted by
the project. Initial 15-minute consultation is free; basic consultation on software
implementation can usually be provided in 1-2 hours, while the design of a
catalog template could take several hours or a period of days, depending on the
setup of your management system and the complexity of your data.

DATAtoDESIGN: Save Time. Cut Cost. Increase Profit.