Implementing the DATAtoDESIGN Method can be an asset in several ways.

Data to Design - Orange BulletSave time.

Courses are built once, into your data management system. The course data from your system is used to produce the print catalog quickly. This eliminates the need to recreate or manipulate the course information in a text format such as Word.

Data to Design - Orange BulletLower cost.

The streamlining of production cycles can help to reduce labor costs, and can allow staff more time to focus on other goals. Improving catalog design results in more efficient use of the printed page, which reduces page count and can help to lower printing costs.

Data to Design - Orange BulletImprove accuracy.

Since course information is not created in multiple places (data management system as well as text file), the chance of making errors is reduced. And with the DATAtoDESIGN method, corrections are made in the management system so that the accuracy of source content is more easily maintained in the printed piece.

Data to Design - Orange BulletEnhance your look.

Expert suggestions on styling and structure of course data and page design will help improve legibility for the viewer. An attractive, contemporary design enhances the promotion of your program and can help to increase enrollments.

Data to Design - Orange BulletStreamline production.

The InData plug-in utilized in the DATAtoDESIGN method formats course data during import into a customized catalog template. The software can apply variable styles to data, manipulate pieces of text, and insert graphics as needed. This eliminates the time-consuming preparation of data before it gets to layout, and greatly reduces the time needed for formatting and “clean-up” of data once it is in layout.

Data to Design - Orange BulletIncrease marketing.

Shortened production cycles and reduced printing costs may allow your program to increase promotion by publishing catalogs more frequently. It may also allow staff more time to invest in creating additional complementary marketing tools. And the ability to embed hyperlinks into data during import allows you to more easily create an interactive catalog (PDF) for online use, which can link viewers directly to your registration system.

The DATAtoDESIGN method of importing our class data using a customized InData import code has saved us an inordinate amount of time … In addition, the design update that DATAtoDESIGN incorporated in 2016 has resulted in a sustained level of increased registrations. [read more]