InData Import Code Development

DATAtoDESIGN will develop a customized InData import code to automate the formatting of your course data for efficient catalog production. The import code would style the course data to match your existing catalog design. (See note* below.)

This customized import code resides within an InDesign catalog template which will be provided for your use when development is completed. You will need to purchase and install the InData plug-in for InDesign (or the Xdata version for Quark Xpress) in order to use the customized import code.

The development process typically begins with a review of your course data and current catalog production process, as well as the existing course data setup within the catalog design. When the review finds that process or design adjustments would improve the efficiency of process or legibility of the data, these will be suggested. If you agree with the merits of suggestions, they will be incorporated.

*Note: If you contract with DATAtoDESIGN to design a new catalog template, the design would be completed first. The customized InData import code would then be developed to format data per the new design.

Training & Support

Written guidelines for preparation of data and import of data into the customized InData/InDesign template will be provided for reference.

Training via telephone will be provided to familiarize staff with the new process and assist with implementation.

If questions arise following implemention, regarding preparation of data or use of the customized template, clients are welcome to contact DATAtoDESIGN via phone or email for support, so that we can help troubleshoot and assist you as needed.

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Template Design

Design services can be tailored to address a range of design needs, and are offered to complement implementation of the DATAtoDESIGN method and development of custom InData import code.

The basic upgrade of course listing design (data setup) is included during the review stage of the development process.

DATAtoDESIGN offers additional design services, ranging from minor upgrades to specific areas or pages within a catalog template, as needed to enhance legibility and improve organization — to a full template redesign from front to back cover. We also offer program branding design.

Catalog Production

Assistance with catalog design and layout for print reproduction is available on a one-off or ongoing basis — as our scheduling allows.

DATAtoDESIGN provides production assistance only for clients who have implemented its customized InData code and import method.

Production pricing is based on a per-page rate, depending on the dimensions of the catalog, the complexity of the design, and volume of pages. Cost of images is generally not included.

Production assistance typically includes up to three preliminary data imports for initial proofing; design of cover and interior page layout; up to three PDF layout proofs with corrections as needed; delivery of print-ready files to printer; and review of printer proof.

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